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footslog v : walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud; "Mules plodded in a circle around a grindstone" [syn: slog, plod, trudge, pad, tramp] [also: footslogging, footslogged]

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foot + slog


  1. An instance of footslogging.
    • 1998: Richard John Evans, Tales from the German Underworld: Crime and Punishment in the Nineteenth Century
      ... which had resulted in a number of the older and weaker felons being weeded out in view of the prospective rigours of a lengthy footslog to Siberia.
    • 2001: Molly Gloss, Wild Life
      My lovely ramble through the bright woods, as I had been fooling myself, gave itself over to the sober truth: became a slippery footslog through the gloom, ...


  1. to walk heavily over a long distance or in a weary manner; to trudge
    • 1967: John David Stewart, Gibraltar: The Keystone
      Romans, cursing in full armour, had to fight and footslog two thousand miles overland to Britain.
    • 1996: Wilbur A. Smith, The Seventh Scroll
      The bush is too thick. We will have to footslog up the side.
    • 1998: Peter Hathaway Capstick, Warrior: The Legend of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen
      Dick went by train to Voi and then proceeded to footslog across the Serengeti Plains to Taveta.

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